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Home Care

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It may be a challenge for some older persons to make their way to a clinic to see their doctor or other healthcare professionals. This could be temporary (for example as a result of deconditioning after a major surgery) or it could be permanent (for example as a result of a major stroke). Hence, we extend all our services to the home and are able to provide the following home based services:

  • Medical
  • Nursing
  • Therapy

Home visits can be arranged for:

    • Home Medical
    • Home Nursing
    • Change of tubes including feeding tubes, tracheostomy and urinary catheters
    • Management of wounds and bed sores
    • Home Therapy (Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy)
    • Home Assessment for Falls Prevention
    • Dietitian review and advice
    • Caregiver Training and education
    • Palliative care (for patients with terminal cancer as well as those with end stage chronic disease such as end stage heart failure etc)

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